Albion Engish Saddles Are Highly Rated

Albion saddles are marketed worldwide to horse show participants. Albion saddles are handcrafted in England. Although they are sold worldwide, some are sold to specific markets. Some are sold only in the USA. An example of this is the Kontact Jewell. These English saddles are designed for jumping, dressage, and general use. With the exception of rodeos, English saddles are standard equipment for horse shows.

Albion Saddles have received a number one rating form Hobson’s Choice Saddlery. The Olympic dressage champion, Klaus Balkenhol, endorses the Albion SLK. This saddle has a superb fit. It is crafted to allow the legs of the rider to be tight to the horse. Albion Brentina saddle has a straighter leg positioning. Both saddles provide a good fit for most breeds of horses.

Equestrian riders in over thirty countries have preferred to use Albion saddles for the excellent fit. All Albion saddles are tested by a world class riding team before they are released for sale. The construction of the saddle is high quality and well thought out. The company offers very good customer service. They also offer repair service. The sales staff is willing to give advice about proper fit. Technical help is available on-line.

English saddles are crafted to distribute the weight of the rider. Horses perform best with a well-built saddle. A rider might own a saddle for each riding discipline in which they are involved. Stirrup length and seat placement are different for each discipline. An all-purpose saddle is most often seen in lower-level competitions. It is less expensive and adjustable for the different events. A well-built saddle will allow stability for the rider while the horse moves. A proper saddle is helpful to the rider and the horse. English saddles are used worldwide. Albion is a trusted manufacture of quality English saddles.

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