Angel Tattoos

Are you thinking about getting a tattoo? There are some amazing artists who work exclusively in the medium of tattooing. Yes, I said artists. These men and women create works of art on people’s skin. It has become an acceptable body choice to get a tattoo. Maybe if you are in corporate America, you’ll opt out of a face tattoo, but you can get one in a more traditional place like your upper arm or back. There are millions of designs to choose from and one of the most popular designs these days is an angel wings tattoo.

Why are angel tattoos, and in particular angel wing tattoos so popular? I think it has to do with our cultural fascination with angels. In the last twenty years the angelic icon has exploded into our popular culture. No more to be found only in religious households, angels are everywhere. There are angel figurines and angel tarot cards and angel movies.Angel Wings Temporary Tattoo 2.5x3.5

We believe in angels; we believe so much that we want to have angel tattoos. Are we seeking spiritual guidance? Or divine protection? There are four popular angel tattoo designs. There are guardian angels, archangels, fallen or wounded angels and cherubs. Guardian angel designs include the iconic angel beside a sleeping child. Another popular design, according to tattoo artists, is an angel with an upraised sword. Archangels, the seven angels in charge of all the other angels, are depicted with swords raised and wings spread, as though about to enter battle. Fallen angels, or conversely wounded angels, speak to a certain mindset. A popular design among military guys, the fallen angel shows the scene after the battle, bloody sword and often torn robes. Bloodied but victorious. Last, we have cherubs. They are the lighthearted design out of this group. They can be anything from a sort of cupid, depicting love, to a herald of some larger scene. Cherubs are popular for holding up a scroll in wordy tattoo designs.

Whether you want angelic protection, spiritual guidance or just a killer design, an angel tattoo could be just what you are looking for. If it is going to be your first tattoo, don’t be afraid to ask questions. Everyone was a beginner at some point and if the artist at the shop doesn’t want to answer your questions, that is a sign that you are at the wrong tattoo shop. Don’t compromise on the artwork and don’t look for a bargain. You will have to look at this tattoo for the rest of your life, so make sure it is top quality.