Benefits of Aerobic and Cardio Home Exercises

The two very important exercises if you want to keep fit by losing the fats and increasing your heart rate are cardio and aerobic exercises. When the word exercises is mentioned, most people’s thoughts often fly to the gym as if it is not practical to effectively exercise at home and get the same benefits one would get exercising at the gym. Cardio and aerobic exercises at home are just as effective and the good thing is that you get to exercise at your own time, in an open space and you will enjoy the privacy of home exercising.

Walking is the first cardio aerobic exercise that one should consider especially if they have had an inactive lifestyle for a while. It can also be a warm up activity in preparation for other exercises because it relaxes the muscles, helps you burn fat albeit at minimal levels. From running, one can upgrade the pace and intensity to jogging and eventually running. As the muscles get used to the exercises, they become stronger and grow in size to cater for the extra strain and this burns a lot of fat. Running is an excellent cardiovascular exercise that burns fat at high rate and is effective in increasing the heart rate as well as deep breathing.

Cycling is another common and very enjoyable aerobic and cardio exercises at home that is effective in burning fat, increasing the heart rate and assisting in breathing because one has to take deep breaths. Other than the obvious reasons of swimming like fun and keeping fresh, this is a home exercise that one can do regularly and enjoy good health, more agile joints and more flexible tissues as well as stronger muscles. However, this cannot be a substitute to other exercises like running, lifting weights, cycling and cross country because each works on different muscles.