Affordable Cashmere Scarf Elegance

Just the mere sound of the words “cashmere scarf” bring to mind elegance and style, and unfortunately often bring to mind high prices. However, there are cashmere scarf designs for both men and women that are very affordable. For much under $100 you can choose to update a dreary or tired wardrobe with striped, plaid or fabulous bright colors like the hot pink womens scarves that are popular this season or the vibrant red scarf designs that have been seen on the runways, or the rich blue, aqua and turquoise colors that promise to be the main colors for spring and summer. Choose knit cashmere scarf styles for warmth, long scarves for the trendy knotted and twisted styles that men are sporting in Europe, or go with chic wraps and soft pashmina shawl and cashmere scarf hat styles that have a practical use for both winter and summer fashion accents.

Where to Buy Affordable, High Quality Cashmere Scarf DesignsSuper Soft Warm Winter Assorted Plaid Scarfs for Men and Women 12inches by 72 inches

It’s really very simple. Although there are many retailers both online and off, the best accessories and high-end designer Italian made cashmere scarves are to be found at Forzieri, a European company that specializes in high quality luxury accessories at discount prices. Ladies and mens cashmere scarf designs of fine Italian quality and in all the top brand names and designer styles are for sale through Forzieri, with many wool and cashmere scarfs for around $78 and even cheaper ones in silk scarf blends with cashmere wool starting at about $64. They have paisley patterns, formal white and black cashmere scarf designs for men and rich colorful creations for the ladies and gents who appreciate quality from the designers that set the trends like Christian Dior, DKNY, Dolce & Gabbana, Emporio Armani, Gucci and Fendi, as well as their own Forzieri label that is affordable and of high quality. They carry select accessories by Gianfranco Ferre, Ken Scott Moschino and the very popular Missoni cashmere scarf collection. Yes, there are cashmere wool scarf styles from the top Christian Dior collections for about $225 and Gucci scarves for $280, Pure Cashmere Scarf In Black For Manand Moschino styles for around $85 and even authentic Fendi cashmere for $215.

The most affordable Women’s Cashmere Scarves and Pashmina Shawl designs are those by Basile. Designs in this line are available in a wide variety of colors like baby pink cashmere scarf with fringes and many other bright colors to keep you not just warm, but fashionable in every season.