The New Cellulite Treatments for 2010

Regardless of how serious your cellulite is, chances are you want to know how to get rid of it. There would be nothing better than being able to wear that swimsuit or shorts again without having to worry about the cottage cheese appearance on your legs. Thankfully, there are some anti cellulite treatments that can assist you in reducing the appearance of the condition.

But which treatment is best? And which ones actually work? Here is a brief overview of the top three new treatments that have recently been released to the public.

Cellulite ShoesSmartSole Exercise Insoles SMALL

MBT shoes are manufactured in such a way to replicate walking in bare feet. The idea with this is that it will activate muscles that aren’t normally used and help stimulate blood flow through the legs. Increasing the muscle tone and circulation is known to reduce cellulite. MBT shoes are an easy way to help reduce cellulite but don’t expect that it will completely eliminate the condition. You will need to combine it with other remedies such as anti cellulite massage, diet and exercise.

Lipo Contour Elite Capri Shapewear Cellulite Reducer LargeCellulite Shapewear

There are a number of new shapewear products that are marketed as anti cellulite treatments. The idea behind them is that you wear them during the day underneath your normal clothes and the fabric of the shapewear heats up the fat cells. As the cells become hotter, they begin to melt. Again, while this seems like a lazy way to eliminate cellulite, it won’t completely remove the lumps and bumps.

RejuveSkin Surgery

RejuveSkin is a relatively new cosmetic surgery technique that is specially designed to permanently eliminate cellulite. In a nutshell, the stringy pieces of tissue that connect the fat to the skin are cut and fat transplants are used to fill in the cellulite dents. Many women have achieved some excellent results with this surgical technique and unlike other treatments, will permanently remove cellulite.