Sophisticated Home Decor with Chandelier Lighting

For centuries, chandelier lighting has been a statement of glamour and fashion in households and it still remains a trademark of style today.  Chandeliers can be seen in foyers and dining rooms and can also be used in bedrooms, but smaller than your standard chandeliers.  A chandelier light is a fantastic way to set the mood for formal dinners and any type of get together you want to have a regal feel to it.

Wrought Iron Chandelier - Style 35601Candle chandeliers have always had an air of sophistication as with crystal chandeliers.  The most beautiful chandeliers are those made with crystals.  But they can be hard to clean depending on how many crystals are on the chandelier itself.  A candle chandelier requires a lot of care and personal attention to make sure the candle wax does not tarnish the chandelier itself or worse, start fires. They can certainly be more expensive than other chandeliers made of metals, but the ambiance effect they create from their lighting is worth it.  If you are unsure about using real candles, many “candle” chandeliers contain “faux” candles which are actually light bulbs.  You can still get the same effect and not worry about cleaning candle wax and the safety of your home while you are not attending the room the chandelier is in.

The best way to choose a chandelier is to decide on the theme of your home and work around that.  There are many chandeliers that work with various styles. You can also choose various chandelier shades to cover them, creating a fabulous vintage look.

Minka Lavery Lights 3122-301 Mini 3LT Chandelier Castlewood Walnut Chandeliers Indoor LightingCleaning a crystal chandelier can be a pain and a tedious task, but in order to keep it shining brilliantly since the day it was purchased, it has to be done. In order to clean it you must first take apart the crystals and lay them flat.  Make sure you have an alternate lighting source and take the chandelier down before you do so.  Place a piece of tape across the light switch attached to the chandelier so that no one can turn it on while you’re working.  Place plastic over the light bulbs and place a dry cloth underneath the chandelier as a soft landing.  Use a deluded mixture of Isopropyl alcohol and water to spray the crystals and let them drip dry.

Keeping your chandeliers beautiful may require a lot of maintenance and hard work, but the beauty of them makes them worth having if you are wanting to add more glamour and style to your home décor.