Changing Your Type of Shampoo

If you have recently gone to the salon for a new hairstyle, there is definitely a period of adjustment involved. Even if your new look was love at first sight, your old methods of care and styling may need tweaking to help you get the most out of your current style. After the makeover, your hair is totally different. You might have highlights, a new cut or color, a change in texture from straight to curly hair or vice versa. If your hair style has changed, you probably need a different type of shampoo to keep it looking its best.

Basically there are two main types of shampoos- straight cleansers and cleansers with conditioners or other properties designed to work with your particular type of hair. Cleansers work to make your hair and scalp free from impurities, dirt, chlorine and salt from your sweat. Since most cleansers tend to strip the hair of its natural oil to some degree, you have to follow up by using a conditioner after use. Some people buy a single product that is a combination of shampoo and conditioner. Although these products do both jobs at once, they do neither job really well and are best reserved for travel. The conditioners in these combination products tend to be sub-par. Use separate products designed to work with your hair type whenever possible.

Other types of shampoos are anti-dandruff, anti-hair loss, dry shampoo, baby shampoo, damage repair shampoos and shampoos for color treated and processed hair. Anti-dandruff shampoos usually contain zinc that helps control abnormal oil production. Anti-dandruff shampoos get rid of dead cells before they accumulate on your scalp. Next is anti-hair loss shampoo which prevents your hair from thinning and slows down the rate of losing your hair due to age and other health factors.

Dry shampoos are perfect for people who have very tight schedules. You can feel fresh without getting wet. It’s in powder form so no need to worry about getting in the shower and then spending time drying and styling your hair. You simply brush it in and out of your hair. Check some dry shampoo reviews to find out which products work the best as quality can vary wildly when it comes to these products.

Baby shampoos are made for babies but in some cases adults use them as well. The have tear a no-tear formula and are gentle for babies’ everyday use. People with severely damaged hair or sensitive skin on their scalp often turn to baby shampoo because it is so gentle. Damage repair shampoos restore your dull, frizzy and prone to breakage hair to normal. They seal the cuticle to add moisture to your hair. Lastly, the shampoos for color treated and processed hair are for people who get a lot of chemical treatments in salons. They are gaining popularity and have more varieties available on the market these days. These shampoos’ job is to maintain the artificial color and beauty of your processed hair. As more and more women turn to chemical treatments for their hair, the demand for these shampoos is increasing steadily.