Choosing Men’s Rings

When it comes to choosing men’s rings there are certain things that you need to consider that are common to any type of ring. This is because, in the main, most men’s rings are very similar. Usually they will feature a larger band of metal than a ladies ring, and usually a plain design with few, but occasionally some, stones.

The first thing that you need to thing about when choosing a men’s ring is the metal that you are going to go for. These will largely depending on the purpose of the ring. A men’s engagement or wedding ring is a sentimental item you are far more likely to go for a precious metal than if you are just buying a trendy thumb ring as a present. For wedding and engagement rings the typical metals that are used are gold, white gold or platinum. What you go for will depend not only on budget, but also on personal preference. Platinum looks great, and is a strong metal that will last a long time, but it is very rare and is therefore extremely expensive. White gold makes a good substitute for the coloring of platinum, with a light grey exterior finish. This finish is due to the rhodium used to plate it. Over time, this plating will wear down giving the ring a slightly yellowish tint of the base gold that the white gold metal alloy contains. This can be spruced up by getting it re-plated periodically. Traditional, or yellow gold makes a good choice for a ring, but this is a matter of personal taste due to the coloring.

18K Yellow Gold Milgrain Edge Mens Wedding Band,3mm18K White Gold Mens Wedding Band,3 mmMen's Stainless Steel Diamond Band Ring (H, SI, 0.03 carat)-Band Width:7mm

The next thing that you need to think about when buying a men’s ring is the size. This is not only the size when putting it on your finger, but also the width of the band. Again, this is down to personal choice, but for many men they prefer more masculine wider rings of 4mm and above.

You can get rings with lots of different patterns. Popular for men include simple geometric black patterns, or traditional Celtic patterns. Of course you can just go for a plain ring, and depending on the purpose of the ring this could be the best option.

Whatever reason you are going for a ring for man in your life, be sure to check out the men’s rings buyers guide for more types of ring. Online shopping guides make buying wholesale charms and rings online easy and convenient.