Creating a Look of Luxury Using Cheap Curtains

Going for a new and improved look for your windows doesn’t mean you need to part with a lot of money. You can do the trick with cheap curtains by shopping for bargains or by making them yourselves if you’re handy with a needle and thread.

So, abandon any thoughts of not being able to afford the opportunity to restyle your kitchen, bath or other room with a change in window treatments because you think the cost might be prohibitive. All you need is a little resourcefulness and you’ll find new window curtains are well within your reach. If you have a curtain panel of a certain style or color in mind to match your mood, you could be closer to achieving your goal than you realize.

Don’t dismiss the thought of making your own curtains. You’d be surprised at how simple the process can be – even if you’re not handy with a sewing machine. You’ll want to spend some time looking for material that fits within your budget – check out sales and discount houses for that – and keep in mind as you shop the color and type of fabric to create the look you have in mind to match your space and furnishings. Planning ahead can keep cheap curtains from looking cheap. No one will know but you what you paid for them. Keep in mind you might find the materials you’re looking for by if you decide to buy curtains online. A simple search can provide a wealth of information without leaving your home.

Take the dimensions of the windows keeping in mind that you might want to use the same fabric in more than one room. In smaller apartments or homes, you can create an atmosphere of greater space by repeating the colors and themes throughout – for instance, if your living and dining areas are contiguous with no separating wall, why not have one room blend seamlessly into the other? Curtain panels of the same color help can serve to broaden a space and make it seem roomier. Again, with smaller dwellings, you might want to repeat the theme with your bathroom window curtains if you have extra material left over since bathroom windows tend to be smaller. If you want to make the extra effort, gather the material at the top at even intervals and tack it with thread, pins or café clips to create pinch pleat drapes in only minutes.

Look around your home. You might be surprised to discover materials for cheap curtains in places you hadn’t thought to consider. Bed sheets, table cloths, and even bed spreads or quilts can be put into service by recycling something you already own.

If your windows have vertical, mini or venetian blinds and you want to dress up the look, consider installing a curtain rod above them, then hang some sheer fabric – even a scarf can do the trick – from the rod to add a touch of color. You might pick up the colors in your furnishings and walls by looking for discounted scarves in various shades and prints. You’ll create an elegant appearance with little expense and effort. The key, as always, is to plan ahead, be flexible, and let your creativity be your guide. Don’t be afraid to innovate!