Cubic Zirconia Rings – Give Large Stone CZ Eternity Rings A Shot

Those of us who love to wear rings that sparkle have gotten use to the fact that we need to ration the number of creations we can buy each year. Diamonds, Rubies, and all the other precious gemstones don’t come cheap, and that’s not to mention the precious metals onto which they are set.
Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Eternity Ring
These days though many people are making a move over to lab created gems which allow you to be much more liberal in your purchasing of fine jewelry. Cubic zirconia rings are so cheap that you could quite easily buy a different one every month and hardly notice the difference in your finances.

Large stone CZ eternity rings are very affordable and may seem attractive because they sparkle all the way around the finger, but there are some things you should consider before you make your final decision. First, if the CZ rings you are looking at are prong set and the stones protrude and the prong setting is cheaply make, you will find the ring not only uncomfortable but the prongs may catch on your clothing and snag fine silks or fabrics. I have ruined so many delicate shawls because of my prong set jewelry catching and snagging them.

The other problem is that a full eternity cubic zirconia ring has stones all around the band and these stones are traditionally all the same size. This means that the large stones on the top are also rubbing and poking at the Platinum Overlay Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Round Solitaire Ring w/ Chevron Band Bridal Setbackside of your hand or finger. I have found it difficult to drive or hold onto parcels or bags when wearing an eternity band that had large stones all around. Even if it’s just a piece of costume jewelry for wearing at evening parties, the larger stones on the backside make such simple things like shaking hands a painful experience. The stones also tend to rub between the fingers if they are too large and instead of having a piece of jewelry that adds to your evening out, you may find yourself fidgeting and twirling the ring or taking it off just to get relief. This is not what you want even for one night of sparkle.