Plan Your Fly Fishing Trip Today

Its very exciting know you are going to travel a long distance to catch that elusive Salmon on one of the great rivers of Alaska. A successful fly fishing trip depends on really one thing, and that is planning. Spending thousands of dollars to catch some great trophies for your den can be the best adventure of your life, or the biggest anglers nightmare.

From finding good lodging, a fishing guide, and best place to buy food and supplies you will need to nail this down before getting on the plane. Fortunately, the Internet is a great source for planning your trip.

Some people are so excited about their fly fishing trip, they tend to overlook things they need to take on their adventure.

fly fishing baitA good digital camera with plenty of memory cards, and extra battery packs. Ask your potential guide what type of clothing you should wear, and what gear they provide. You may have to buy additional items when you arrive if these types of questions are not talked up front. Also, inquire about waders, and they type they use successfully.

You want be upright and fishing, not floating down the river trying to catch your reel.

If you are traveling to a fishing camp for lodging, be prepared to supply even some rudimentary things like towels and wash clothes. These camps are mainly just basic shelter to get some sleep on your fly fishing trip, and not a resort where you are pampered, and attended to at all times.

Fishing camps are sometimes in remote locations and will require additional travel by pontoon plane. Make sure you budget for this, and are not surprised by the additional charges. One last tip is to consider taking a satellite phone with you, since cell phone coverage out in the wilderness is minimal if non existent. A satellite phone can save your life in the advent of an accident.