Decorating with Unique Garden Decor

Garden decor can be a great way to personalize your outdoor space even if you do not own or curate a garden. When people visit your home you want people to get a sense of who you are. Garden décor is more than just garden gnomes. You can chose from a variety of outdoor decor like: lighting, benches, stones, walkway lighting, bird bathes, bird feeders, flower pots, metal or wooden garden furniture, and wind chimes to create your own unique sense of style.  IF you are just starting out with decorating, home and garden magazines can be an invaluable resource. Your garden’s décor depends on your creativity, and how much you are willing to spend to make it your own unique self expression.The Well-Decorated Garden: 50 Ornaments & Accents to Make Your Outdoor Room

A garden for most of us, or even just our backyard space, is our way of escape.  It should be the peaceful calm retreat from the chaos in your everyday life.  So adding a pop up gazebo or a park bench could be a focal point for your garden sanctuary that is both functional as well as a great design piece.  In the summer, you can host outdoor parties in your patio with park benches or gazebo.

Lighting can be a great way to add simple flair to your backyard or even walkway.  You can light up your walkway path to your front door or even out to your backyard or garden. Depending on how much you want to spend and the amount of lights you would like for your garden, you can also buy bamboo stick lighting to give your backyard a more island feel to it for parties and smaller gatherings of you and a few friends.

Bird baths, fountains and pools are another great way to make your garden stand out with outdoor décor.  Birds love water and making them feel welcome in your garden adds life and can also aid you in getting rid of small insect nuisances as well.

API 390 Water Rippling Bird Bath with Pedestal and Water WigglerGarden ornaments like garden gnomes, wind chimes and stones with fun or even serious sayings on them strategically placed throughout your garden or outdoor space can be an inexpensive and excellent way to express creativity.

Home and Garden magazines can prove to be an invaluable wealth of ideas to help you with garden decoration ideas if you get stuck. You can also find great websites online to give you ideas for how to place things to give you the effect you are looking for in your garden.  A garden should be an expression of individuality and creativity and should be a place of Zen and spiritual restoration.