Choosing a Gazebo

If you’re considering purchasing a gazebo for any reason, you should be sure to read a little bit on these things before committing to any kind of purchase. And for the lay people reading this, a gazebo is little more than a structure with no walls that is used to provide shade and protection from the rain, and from giant flying squirrels with gazebo allergies. If you can find the latter of that list, sell it to a circus and you can probably raise enough money to buy several gazebos in varying sizes and attempt to create a giant gazebo matryoshka (which refers to those little wooden Russian dolls that stack inside one another).

Coleman Garden GazeboAnyway, let’s take a gander at the good things and the not-so-good things about the glorious outdoor gazebo, since that’s really the only kind that exists. First of all, and most importantly, make sure you have an idea of what to do. Just because you managed to put together a TV stand or a Wal-mart bookshelf doesn’t mean you’ll intrinsically know how to put together a gazebo. If you have no idea what you’re doing, see if you can recruit a friend who does have some knowledge of assembly or who will at least understand gazebo plans and instructions.

Note that there are several types and sizes of gazebos available, much like… well… everything else that can be built. You have to figure out what kind you need before buying and building. If you want one that will be a part of your outdoor décor family forever, you should look into pat io gazebos. These are typically small and are often used to shelter hot tubs, two-person swings, a coffee table with benches built into the sides, or maybe just that tree stump in the backyard you love so much. They are also often made for more long-term use and typically have floors in them. If you want something under which to entertain people, like for a party or a wedding, you’ll want to find something like a canopy gazebo…unless you have a party small enough to fit into one hot tub.

The pop up gazebo is probably one of the more versatile types just  of garden decor because it can Home Madaga Gazebo - 10x10’serve multiple purposes and then just be folded up and tucked away in the garage, kind of like a car. Okay, maybe not a car, but more like a lawn chair. Anyway, these can be used for small parties, playgroups, camping trips, garage sales, bake sales, gazebo sales, and just about any other kind of sale you can imagine. So, if you need something on a sort of per diem basis, the pop up gazebo is the right choice for you. Of course, if you still can make a decision, you can always ask an employee at whatever store you are shopping at for assistance; assuming they aren’t dumber than a box of rocks, they should be able to guide you on your quest to find the perfect gazebo.