The Popularity of Glass TV Stands

With so many choices on the market, it is hard to decide what LCD TV to buy. Imagine what it is like to also try to find the television stand to go with it. This will help you to narrow down your options. These glass and metal TV stands are on floor pedestals that take up little room. The cost and space saving ability makes this stand more popular if you are on a tight budget.Avista Harmoni I Flat Panel 47-inch TV Console with Glass Shelves, Black

These stands can also come with shelves under the screen for extra storage. The fancier the Pedestal television stand the higher the cost with a general price of $100 to $400. The flat screen is mounted to a pole and can be adjusted for height and angle. In particular as far as weight bearing the glass TV stands are not only durable but very classy at the same time.

The glass TV stands are great for bigger screens, but they are not little. If you have a large family room, and an empty wall, then this type of stand can fill a space. The LCD screen can be mounted to the panel wall, and many have shelves and cabinets that surround the television. This makes it easy to adjust for height and angle. The price on these television stands can be over $3000.

Deco Widescreen Glass TV Stand Black Glass/Black FinishThe black glass is popular among consumers but I personally love the regular pop up glass TV stand. These are the most popular television stands. The ability of the television to rise up from the middle of the cabinet makes it unique. These are great for bedrooms, barrooms, or other entertainment areas. It is the look of furniture without all the visual cords and wires. Its popularity also makes it expensive with a range of $1000-3500. Anything with this kind of ability is going to cost you plenty but its the art of having something so unique and plush in your home that makes it so valuable to you.