How to Have a Great Beach Vacation

Nothing is worse than having a beach umbrella that experiences a nervous breakdown on your holiday! Quality beach umbrellas can help make any vacation getaway a little more enjoyable. Look online for ones that are sturdy, firm, and sold by a company of good reputation.

If a trip to the Carolina shores is something you have not yet experienced, you have a wonderful treat in store for you. Unlike the beaches of southern California, which tend to be extremely crowded, South Carolina offers a vacation destination with much fewer people to contend with.

If you live in Maryland or the DC metro area and are driving southbound on interstate highway 95, Myrtle Beach is a great place for a snowbird getaway. From further north, it is an easy two day drive from New York, or it can be accomplished in one longer day of driving. The night before, you can pack up all of your beach equipment and be ready to hit the road.

If you live in an urban area, some areas of SC will probably look familiar to you. Many of the structures that line the beach are multi-story. Being situated right on the beach makes it simple to bring all of your beach gear onto the beach and spend the entire day outside. Myrtle Beach also has many single family homes that can be rented for your stay. The rates for the various vacation rentals will vary considerably and will depend on things such as if it is high season or off season, or if your stay will be over a holiday.

If you continue to drive further south, Charleston offers another beautiful place to enjoy some beach time. There are also many attractions in the area; in fact, there is so much to do, you might find that you have no time left for playing in the water.

Continue heading south and you will come to the beautiful development of Dataw Island which has been mostly undiscovered by the tourist crowd. The beach park on Hunting Island is a destination you will not want to miss if you like sandy shores with few people around. There are restrooms as well as some picnic tables located close to the beach for your convenience.

Part of what makes being at the beach fun is having the right equipment with you. This of course will include sunblock and cover-ups for anyone who is particularly sensitive to sun exposure. Other essential supplies might include water, juice, sandwiches, snacks or other foods for a picnic and some type of shade producing device such as good beach umbrellas. Just be sure that you choose sturdy beach umbrellas or you might find yourself spending more time worrying about your beach umbrella than you spend having fun.