Basketball Diaries: How to Jump High

As a basketball player, there are countless of reasons as to why it is important for you to find the best jumping program in order to learn how to jump higher for basketball. For one, this will make it a lot easier for you to make a slam dunk, this will also better your chances of catching rebounds and lastly, the ability to jump higher will also make it easier for you to block the opponents passes and shots.

In order to accomplish such a feat, you need to keep some of these basics in mind; once you started out with your jumping program, do whatever it is that you can to stick to your routine and keep your motivations at high. If you are a bit heavy, try to lose some of that excess weight. Another thing is that, you need to work on your leg muscles more.

Basketball jumpIn line with that, here are a couple of great exercises that you can do to increase your jump height:

One fantastic exercise that you can do is jump rope. When performing this exercise, it is best that you jump with the use of your toes. This is great for developing your calf muscles. Another simple, yet effective exercise that you can do is to walk tiptoed for at least twenty to thirty minutes per day (half of the total time should be done walking backwards). Just make sure that you do this exercise in an open field so you do not fall off or bump on things, especially if you are doing it backwards. This is a fantastic and fun way to double up your jump height. Since your goal is to be able to jump high, practice on jumping all of the time. Purchase a weight vest or ankle weights and try jumping with them on. The more you train with the aid of these weights, the more likely you are going to be able to leap high.