How to lose last few pounds – 10 smart diet tips

This article is about how to lose that last few pounds. It’s not some type of fad or weird diet tricks. It is about easy to follow, down to earth ways of ensuring that you lose weight. If you follow the tips and the tricks in this article, you will lose some weight. So without further ado, here is how to lose that last few pounds – 10 smart diet tips.

1. Eat first thing in the morning

As soon as you get up, eat breakfast – it will boost your metabolism and help you to lose weight. Make it a hearty breakfast with lean protein, wholegrain carbs and fruit.

2. Include some olive oil

Olive oil will help you to keep hunger pangs at bay by being fuller for longer. Throw 2 tablespoons worth with your food to benefit from it.

3. Eat slowly

Savor your food (eat slower) and you will not only eat less, but you will also feel as if you have eaten more.

4. Do some yoga

Excess stress stores excess fat on our tummies. To avoid that from happening, do some stress relieving exercises like yoga. If you do yoga, use a round yoga bolster to make it more comfortable.

5. Include chilies in your meals

The heat from chilies will ensure that you eat less and the capsaicin in the chilies will boost your metabolism.

6. Do cardio interval training

This is the best way to maximize your calories and fat burned in the least amount of time.

7. Weight train

Weight training is one of the best ways of burning calories – so much so that you even burn them while you are sleeping.

8. Eat fat free yogurt

The calcium is fat free yogurt speeds up weight loss and the protein helps to burn fat. Include a small tub of fat free yogurt in your diet to benefit from it.

9. Have 6 small meals

Eating smaller meals more often will help you to keep fuller and it will also boost your metabolism immensely.

10. Include fat burning foods

To burn even more fat, eat lots of fat burning foods.

11. Get enough sleep

Not getting enough sleep can leads to you eating more and also having more cravings.

These tips are sure to have you losing weight already. Just follow them, eat right and exercise regularly and you will lose weight sooner than later. But just don’t expect anything too soon, as losing weight will take a bit of time