Achieving Muscle and Joint Pain Relief

Correctly achieving muscle and joint pain relief lies primarily in understanding the body and what it requires. Scientists have proved for example, that soaking the body in water above 38 degrees Celsius (101 Fahrenheit) is twice as good as massaging a muscle or joint pain. The pain caused is due to the inflammation and applying the intensity of the temperature relaxes the muscles and abates the inflammation in such a way that only such a heat could achieve. Though not as effective, massaging the affected areas remains a good additional treatment to for muscle and joint pain relief.

However, it is important to note that this treatment works best mostly for sports injuries and that the treatment of the pain is subjective to the reason for its existence. If the pain results from an inherent disease such as Systemic Lupus Erythematosus, (otherwise known as SLE) for example, then the best relief is to rest as much as possible and not apply added stress onto the affected joints and muscles.

Of all the affected joint and muscles in the human body, by far the most typical pain is in the knee joint. Relief for knee joint pain is much more difficult because of the frequency and high magnitude of use of the knee joint.

Unfortunately, joint and knee pain can be induced by many factors, including obesity and injury, as well as arthritis. A general condition of joint and knee pain relief can be achieved by not applying too much stress and eating a healthy diet. If the problem persists however, even when resting, then it should be considered a more serious ailment and would need the advice of a doctor. Physiotherapy can achieve much for those suffering from these conditions and regular visits to a Physiotherapist can achieve so much for muscle and joint pain relief.