Is A Digital Key Cabinet or a Manual Key Safe Better?

In general a digital key cabinet will be the best and the easiest to use for most commercial or residential applications. However, key safe designs that depend on electricity may cause problems if there is ever a power outage or if there is a short circuit or a power surge. To avoid this problem there are three solutions, use a digital key cabinet that has a back-up key for emergency access or choose a battery operated model or select a manual key safe that operates using a combination code that is not dependant on power.

Supra Keyless Digital Key Cabinet

There is one very popular design that is affordable and secure called the Supra Keyless Digital Key Cabinet, which allows for storing 30 to 120 keys in a solid 16 gauge steel case that also has piano hinging. This is one of the strongest units of its kind. It allows for organizing a series of keys on the hooks inside the cabinet and each key may be color coded or numbered for cataloguing and managing. The unit is installed onto a wall using a four-point system that comes with all necessary hardware. The Supra line of key safe units have quick access pushbutton locks and a clutch mechanism that will protect against forced entry. The codes are set by you and can be changed as needed. These digital key cabinet designs are created so that they are not battery operated and are totally manual. They will function even in a power outage since they do not depend on electricity.

Phoenix Electronic Key Box

The other good choice is the Phoenix Electronic Key Box that comes in 3 different sizes and allows for storage of up to 48 keys. This system also offers a color tag coding system, special key racks with hooks that adjustable, a slot where keys may be deposited by clients or unauthorized staff, and an electronic combination that allows for up to 8 digits. It is also a wall mount unit. The good thing about this electric digital key cabinet is that it offers a back up key access incase of a power failure.

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