Trendy Ladies Shoes

If you’ve ever walked in to a Payless Shoe Source store, you almost certainly have noticed that there’s half an aisle dedicated to mens trainers, an even smaller section for children’s footwear, and the rest is occupied by women’s shoes. I know there is a perpetuated stereotype that women love shoes; that’s not true in all cases, but if it wasn’t true in at least half of them, women wouldn’t have such a vast assortment available to them. Ladies shoes are quite popular among both women and men who have a taste for wearing women’s clothing; since women are often more finicky than men about what they wear on their feet – and since certain clothing forms may call for a certain shoe style for maximum visual satisfaction – a large selection must be readily available in just about any location that sells shoes.

Pleaser Women's Romance-301-4 SandalThe styles are just in numerable as far as women’s designs…boots, clogs, Crocs, sandals, sneakers, espadrilles, loafers, dress shoes, peep-toe, outdoor, heels and flats are just some of the sorts of footwear you might find in the average shoe section. That’s a lot of looks! But some are typically more appropriate than others when they are matched with certain outfits. For example, normal women would not wear Crocs with a long, elegant dress at a formal party; conversely, most women would not prefer to wear stiletto heels when going out for a jog. However, it’s quite common for women to wear high heels with jeans, or boots with short dresses. Kinda neat how that works.

And the fads I explored previously aren’t even the end of the styles; boots, for example, can be lace-up, buckle-up, furry, heeled, flat, leather, vinyl, ankle, knee-high, zip-up, or even Converse. This doesn’t even go into patterns and colors. Women’s sandals can be flip-flops, have buckles, KISS-249 6straps, platforms, or heels. High heels can be spike-heeled, chunky, platform, or peep-toe. You get the picture.

A few types of shoes don’t really change much as far as design, but are available in many different colors, such as ballerina flats and Converse sneakers. These are known specifically for the way they are shaped, but you can get either in several different colors and with all sorts of graphics scrawled on them. Shoe stores all over the world must keep the diverse tastes of ladies in mind and stock their shelves appropriately if they wish to keep or gain clientele.