Shed Weight with the Lemon Detox Diet

Detox is the process of eliminating toxins that accumulated over a certain period of time from the body. This detox diet seems to have been made public by Beyonce, who followed it to lose a few pounds.

The detoxifying diet based on the lemon detox diet and it helps eliminate any accumulated materials that clog the colon. The colon is the natural system of cleaning the body, seeking to extract nutrients from residual material. A clogged colon can be detrimental to cleaning the body and resulting in weight growth or other health problems.

This liquid based diet includes: lime juice, water, paprika and maple syrup, to which you add natural liquid laxatives such as salt water, mint and other herb teas.

The diet should be held with strictly for at least 10 days, during which the body removes impurities and toxins. Even if there are enough market products based on lemon, it is very easy to prepare it at home and much safer to use as everything is natural, without additives.


Fresh lemon – squeeze lemons into a blender to get juice. In their absence, you can use lime juice.

Maple syrup – contains essential vitamins and nutrients to maintain healthy body, it is rich in potassium, calcium, vitamin B1 and iron.

Paprika – helps eliminate waste materials. It acts as a scrubber.

Purified water – water free from any mineral or other ingredient is a key feature of the detox diet. You should drink at least 8 glasses of water daily to stay hydrated and to stimulate the intestinal tract.

For a glass of detoxifying lemonade you will need:
a tablespoon of natural maple syrup
one tablespoon of lemon juice
tablespoon of paprika
250 ml of purified water

Mix these ingredients and serve at room temperature, they will definitely help you shed your weight. You should drink about 6-8 cups daily.