Lovely Small Log Cabins

This time of year many people can picture themselves next to a roaring fire, nestled down into the cushions on a leather couch, in a small log cabin. The snow is softly floating to the ground and the noise of everyday life is drowned out for a time. Cabins are part of a backdrop that is easy to fall into. We all crave a place where cares and responsibility can be set aside for a short time (or a longer time!) and we can focus on R&R for ourselves.

Small log homes have long been such a setting that is part of a relaxing. A rustic getaway where life seems a little less complicated. Some homeowners find this solace near to home by building a getaway within a few hours of the city. Others find that it is much more appealing to find the most remote secluded piece of property in the back country of a Montana mountain range to build their little cabin. But no matter where it is located, there is the same feeling on the inside- a small piece of heaven.

Log cabin homes are very commonly of two types, handcrafted log cabins and machine cut or milled cabins. Handcrafted log cabins are chosen for their innate beauty. Sometimes a log home does not fit with the upscale, close to the city, suburbs, and so instead the homeowner opts to purchase a weekend place. Then a handcrafted cabin is built. The cabin, made from logs which retain their wider bases and narrower tops, holds more of its original charm than does some of the machine cut cabins.

Machine cut cabins, also known as manufactured log cabins, are constructed with logs with the same dimensions down the length of the log. The most common style is the D-log which offers a flat surface on the inside of the cabin and a rounded face on the outside. For some this style is exactly what they desire. It is log and wood but not as much rustic, rough, country feel as the handcrafts have to offer.

If you speak with a log home supplier that loves their work, you will often find that each cabin featured in their stock plans has a story all its own. One collection of small ranch style cabins were named after bush planes and designed to be transported in three bundles to remote locations. You know you are really ‘out there’ when the cabin is an hour or two flight past the last road. Some of the best fishing in Canada is found at remote fly in fishing retreats.

Small log cabin plans are typically less than 1,000 square feet, include at least one bedroom, bathroom, and a kitchen great room area combined. For most cabins it is not hard to add an open loft, which also increases the square footage and adds another bedroom type space without much increase in cost.

So whatever type of log cabin that you dreams are made of, be sure to select one which will meet your needs but also holds the captivating charm which drew you to the small log cabins in the first place. Log homes are substantial types of construction that last for years and years.