Can You Safely Detox from Xanax Naturally?

If you are addicted to Xanax or other pills that are similar for treating anxiety, then you should probably not try to detox from them on your own.  There is a risk of seizures with this sort of detox, because your body has been used to being sedated with the pills, and when you take the pills away, there is too much adrenaline.  So people become jumpy and their nervous system is in overdrive.  This is really not the ideal way to do a natural detox from Xanax.  Instead, you should seek medical supervision instead for this type of withdrawal.

There are other benefits to going to a drug detox for Xanax addiction.  You can learn alternative ways to deal with anxiety, rather than to self medicate them with an addictive drug.  People who are planning on getting off of Xanax may want to find a new doctor that can prescribe them a non-addictive alternative medication.  Understand that some doctors do not really understand addiction at all and so they may not even be willing to change your medication for you.  If that is the case then just find a new doctor to help treat your anxiety.

The next step in getting over an addiction to Xanax is to start living a new sort of life, one in which you are not trying to medicate your anxiety away.  Instead, you have to build and create positive new things in your life that can help you to overcome anxiety naturally.  This may sound impossible at first but taking any steps towards positive action can help.  For example, starting to exercise on a regular basis can be a huge boost to your recovery.  Or, learning to network with other people in recovery and helping each other to stay clean can also be a huge part of your success.  It is all about finding what works for you and then pursuing that to the fullest.