Choose an Oak Sideboard

Like most people, you may be on the lookout for furniture to put in your home, either a mint piece you did not have beforehand, or an improvement on a piece that presently exists. One specific piece that many homes have is a sideboard, which has a rather confusing name since it’s not exactly a board; rather, it’s more like a desk on which you can stack things like pictures, vases, stuffed pet carcasses, dirty laundry…whatever makes your skirt fly up. It’s essentially a table to put stuff on and drawers that you can put stuff in – as said, it’s a desk, but not one used for writing or studying. At any rate, sideboards are a flattering way to fill up that bare spot in your house that is distracting attention away from the rest of the room.

Homestead Sideboard - Warm Oak
Sideboards of any style are made with more than a few types of wood; when furniture shopping, you want to find something that looks attractive and will last a while. A modest suggestion would be to avoid soft woods like spruce and pine…sometimes furniture like this can be scuffed deeply with a fingernail, believe it or not. So, if you happen to have cats, children, long fingernails, torture devices, a knife-throwing interest, or you just like to hit things, look for something made of sturdier wood. Hardwoods are a lot more durable, such as mahogany, oak, or birch. In fact, of all the abovementioned kinds of wood, oak is one of the very toughest, and an oak sideboard will easily last you a lifetime.

Another great thing about going the way of oak furniture is a lot of archaic sideboards are constructed from oak wood, so if you want to go for that vintage effect in your home, you can probably find beautiful solid oak sideboards online or from a local antique dealer. Unfortunately, like many antiques, an antique sideboard will set you back a whole lot more than a modern one; a newer sideboard will cost between $200 and $700, whereas an antiquated sideboard can cost you between $1000 and $2500, usually. That’s a bit of a disparity, yes? Antiques are gorgeous, but keep the prices in mind before doing any impulse buying.Craftsman 48

Oak sideboard furniture – or any oak furniture for that matter – is a worthwhile investment. As said earlier, oak is very well-built and will probably outlive you, not to mention it looks beautiful in practically any sort of home. Here’s a novel idea…buy a sideboard or another nice piece, like a mirrored end table, and use it to showcase a collection of dollhouse-sized sideboards.