Overmantle Mirrors Guide And Their Humble Beginnings

What is a mirror? It is an inanimate object that possesses reflective properties. The history of mirrors began in ancient times where mirrors were low quality and were mostly produced using volcanic ash to create obsidian which was used to create low quality mirrors. With the passage of time Obsidian was substituted with either tin or mercury to give a glossier and a high quality property to the mirror itself. So where did overmantle mirrors actually originate from? The humble beginnings of this mirror began in France. It was mostly used for decoration purposes and to showcase the high society and royalty of its owner.  They were also used to allow more light to spread throughout the room as well as eradicate the dullness of a fire place and thus make the room much more appealing and exquisite. Most importantly what most people are not aware of is what a mantle actually is?  It is an area or a centre piece of a family room on which a mirror can be placed which in turn creates an optical illusion of making the room itself look much larger in size.

People mostly look forward to a fireplace before investing in the house; they provide a cozy and relaxing environment but often such rooms are very large and thus require a lot of decoration. The living room mostly gains most attention from anyone who enters into one’s humble abode. To make the mantle above the fireplace much more decorative and less dull, picture frames can be placed but they are neither enough nor can the mantle area be left empty as it would look incomplete. Overmantle mirrors can be used in such a case. It not only makes the room more visually appealing but also makes it appear much bigger and thus proves to be a worthy investment into removing the dullness of the “empty-space” above a fire place. Purchasing the correct size and style of the mirror is of utmost importance and the way it is hanged is also another factor worth considering. When positioned accurately the mirror can allow the reflection of lights as well, which can light up your mornings as the sun rises and its light is echoed throughout the room.  Before choosing such a mirror there are many factors that should be taken care of.

Firstly the size which is available for the mirror is to be considered. The mirror being selected should be in accordance to the room itself. Secondly, the furniture and the room décor play a vital role during the selection of such a mirror. The mirror should be selected according to its design and decoration. The mirror itself expresses ones own personality and elegance. Any individual’s home is but a reflection of themselves as it contains everything selected according to one’s own style, personality and nature. Such is the case when selecting the appropriate overmantle mirrors.

This guide contains all important aspects which should be considered while purchasing such a mirror. The huge varieties and shapes and sizes available by the retailer should provide a lot of choice but keeping in mind one’s home décor and budget is what should be prioritized at all costs. In conclusion it is indeed a very worthy investment, as it not only becomes a part of the house interior decoration but also makes the room much more radiant and larger. It provides a more stylish and pleasant outlook to one’s abode and giving him/her a feeling of comfort and a cozy environment of their very own!