The Woes of a Part Time Salary

Part time jobs; just about everyone’s had one of these at some point or another, be it during high school, college, until a better job is found, or to supplement another job. Heck, maybe you just had one because you loved being around all the wonderful, polite, perfect customers while working the register at EverythingMart…did you pick up on my sarcasm in that last part? Oh good.

Unless you were born with a drawer full of silver spoons in your mouth, you are a professional government benefits collector, or are disabled to a degree where you cannot perform labor, you will either have already had the great joy of experiencing part time work, or will do so in the future. Why? Because work – either part time or full time – is a very typical and expected part of life. And that might only seem crappy if you’re stuck in a job you don’t like, such as one where you have a boss you fantasize about getting run over by a flaming garbage truck; tattling, brown-nosing co-workers, or an income a bum would laugh at. But some jobs are bearable, or – dare I say – pleasant. If you’ve got some eccentric tastes, cleaning toilets at the retirement home might just be your dream job.
The Savvy Part-Time Professional: How to Land, Create, or Negotiate the Part-time Job of Your Dreams (Capital Ideas for Business & Personal Development)
But one of the most imperative parts of any job is the amount it pays, and a part time salary can vary a lot between different jobs. The good news is minimum wage is increasing all the time, and it’s actually set to reach over eight dollars per hour in 2010. And the average salary for part time work is around $50,000, which is rather good (this is a pretty rough estimate, though). The disadvantage to doing non-career work now, though, is a lot of employers do this cute thing where they will hire everyone part time so they don’t have to give the employees benefits. They do this by scheduling employees to be at work for just under 40 hours a week…yes, you will still get paid the same per hour, but if you happen to need insurance from work, you may quite often be out of luck.

If you’re wondering what kind of work you might like to do based on wages, there are plenty of places online that offer jobs salary information, such as and Try to keep an optimistic stance on any job you end up taking by remembering that things could always be worse. Think of how hard those Iditarod sled dogs have to work.