Patio Misters

On those brutally hot days during the height of summer, sitting in your patio could be considered a form of torture rather than a treat. No matter how much shade your patio might give you, the temperature will still soar and it will be extremely uncomfortable. But there is a simple solution that could mean that your patio will become a cool oasis on a hot day. It’s called a patio misting system and it uses regular tap water pumped through misting nozzles at high pressure to form a cooling mist.

This concept is not a new one by any means, however as a cost effective method for cooling at a residential level it is not commonly seen.

The idea is that the misting system is installed around the edges of the patio and is connected to a water source, probably your garden tap. When the water is turned on it is pushed through microscopic holes at high pressure by a pump system. The droplets are so fine they are turned to a mist that is felt as cool, dry air. The temperature in the immediate area is lowered by as much as 35 degrees resulting in much more comfortable patio living.

The amount of water that is used to provide this outdoor misting system is usually less than a gallon per hour. It can be more if the misting nozzles have larger holes. This means that not only do you cool an outdoor area but you do so at a relatively low cost. It’s certainly more cost effective than running an electric air conditioner.

Commercial business such as restaurants and hotel resorts can also benefit from installing these cooling misters, creating relief from oppressive temperature while still enjoying the outdoors.

The cost of misting systems has come down significantly in recent years putting the possibility of installing one in your home within reach.