Places for Storing Caravans

If ever you plan to buy a caravan, you need to consider first the problem of where to store caravans when not in use. Caravans are popular during the season, but there will always be a time of the year, like the winter months, where they will not be of much use so you need to find some suitable caravan storage. You must find a place to store your mobile home safe and sound.

Many locations are possible storage areas for your caravan:
• At your home
• At the camping area
• At an open space storage centre
• At an indoor storage facility

The most cost-effective location to put your caravan for safekeeping would be at your residence, either in a large garage or on the back garden. Alternately, you can park it on the driveway, as long as it is not an obstruction to the neighbors. This choice also makes your touring caravan very accessible especially when you regularly use it. You can easily do maintenance repairs and keep watch on it too.

The next choice for storing your caravan is at a campsite that is open all year long. If the campsite is your favorite vacation spot, then it is practical to leave the caravan there, already unpacked and available to accommodate you when you are back for vacation. The disadvantages to this choice are the faster wear and tear because of constantly being exposed to the weather and less security.

The third option is utilizing an open air storage site. They are similar to parking lots with tightly packed cars. Prices vary according to the location and land type, with the cheapest offered at far-flung farm fields. Some of these outdoor facilities implement some security to prevent thefts. It is advisable to evaluate all aspects of these facilities before using them. The fact remains that this option still exposes your caravan to the weather and therefore hastens deterioration.

Last but not least is to rent an indoor storage facility. In general, it is the safest place for storing a caravan in respect of the outdoor elements and security. Indoor storage also varies, ranging from cheap farm outbuildings to garages specially made for storing caravans. Added security features found in more expensive types include CCTV, tall enclosures, and locked gates. Procedural records of people going in or out may also be imposed.

The fact that around 450 caravans are stolen monthly has encouraged the founding of a UK organization known as Caravan Storage Site Owner’s Association (CaSSOA). Recognized nationwide, it lists all storage sites and gives an appropriate rating that fall under three levels: Gold, Silver, and Brown. The rating depends on the amount of protection and security the storage facility has. There is also a greater discount for storage facilities with better ratings.

Storing a caravan does not only mean security but also extending its lifespan. The best storage area may be the most expensive option but in return certifies the best value for your money.