Use a Pool Cover Pump to Winterize Your Inground Swimming Pool

Winterizing your in ground swimming pool can be quite a long and arduous process, but is a necessary step in maintaining and keeping your pool in optimal condition. Although they are quite large and complex, in ground pools are also quite fragile when It comes to the different parts that they are made of. Many factors can cause problems with an in ground pools, especially in the colder states, so always make sure you do a good job of winterizing your in ground pool.

Always make sure to give your pool one last good cleaning before you plan to winterize it for the year. You want to get all of the leaves, mud, and other dirt particles out of your pool for the winter so when you are ready to open it back up next year it is already as clean as it can be. Make sure to do a thorough job vacuuming the bottom and skimming the top to get your pool as clean as possible for the winter.

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Make sure to drain the water level of your pool to a level just below that of your water jets. You never want to have water in the pool’s plumbing over the winter as the water will freeze and burst the pipes which will cause you to spend a great deal of money replacing the piping so that your filter will work again. The water needs to stay below the filters at all times, but the pool still needs some water in to maintain its form. Without something in the pool the lining and foundation can weaken which can also cost you large chunks of change to realign the foundation or reseal the lining.

Finally, after all of that is done make sure to cover your pool with a large weatherproof tarp to keep out animals and other environmental items such as leaves, mud, and snow. Weight the cover down so you can keep a tight seal over your pool for the entire winter. Place a protective pool cover pump over your pump to keep that safe over the winter months as well. Without a pump your water wont circulate, you want to keep it in optimal working condition at all times.

There are probably local pool service providers in your area, but winterizing a pool is something that you should be able to accomplish by yourself. Paying a service provider to do this for you is most likely not worth the money as the process isn’t very complicated or time consuming.