Pool Toy Options

A swimming pool is not exclusively for your swimming regimen. At best most are built into backyards to provide fun and relaxation. Some are even built on top of the ground with a huge above ground pool deck surrounding the whole thing. And one of the best ways to relax in the cool and clear water is to lay back and drift away into total relaxation with a pool float. With the thousands of designs and makes to choose from, purchasing the perfect float is a bit daunting. Here are some of the things you may have to consider.

Inflatable or Not?

Pool floats may be generally classified into two types, inflatable and non-inflatable. The most common types are of course the inflatable ones. Because these have been in existence since time immemorial. In the days gone by, people utilized inner tubes from vehicle tires as floats. The dull rubbery black color was simply painted over to give it a fun and hip look. Not anymore. There are virtually hundreds and hundreds of shapes, sizes and colors to choose from. The great thing about inflatable floats is that they are so easily stored when deflated. The inflating part may be a bit daunting of a task but with the help of motorized air pumps, one can jump in a swimming pool with his favorite float in no time. The two downsides of inflatable floats are that they lose air in time and have the risk of being useless when pierced.

Enter those newer models made of materials that are so buoyant that it stays afloat for several years. No need to constantly inflate these things, which is why they are collectively known as non-inflatable floats. They not only provide instant but also endless hours of fun and relaxation in the pool. These, too, come in all the imaginable colors available and in a variety of shapes and sizes. Usually though, these are more commonly see shaped as lounges or beds. The only downside? When it is time to store them, they may not be as portable and as easy to be stored as inflatable floats.

Four questions you have to ask yourself in choosing the right one:

1. Size does matter. You would not want a float that will be almost as large as your whole swimming pool right? So make sure check the label if the dimensions will be okay or too much.

2. The purpose is an issue. Will you use it to relax or to horse around? A lounge float will not be suitable for relaxation while a saddle-type float may not be helpful in the relaxation department.

3. User-friendly. For whom will you be buying the float for? Will the size be sufficient to give enough room for all six feet of your physique or will it be too much for your toddler?

4. Safety first. If indeed you will be buying floats for your child’s recreational purposes, make sure that there are no parts in the float that will endanger your child when in use.

Once you have gotten around to buying the perfect float or floats even, throw all those floats into the swimming pool and have an instant pool party. Be safe and have fun.