Quality Sub-Zero Refrigeration Options

Amongst the most expensive appliances available to homeowners are Sub-Zero refrigerators.  Buyers of a fridge freezer from this firm are purchasing more than a simple cooling device; they are also purchasing a status symbol.   Many well-heeled consumers consider these expensive refrigerators to be very prestigious.

There are many different types of sub-zero fridge freezer available in the market place. They range from freestanding, built-in to under counter designs; but the one thing they all hare in common is their high prices.

Beverage Center Models

Also available from Sub-zero is their extensive line up of wine fridges.  This company – unsurprisingly – manufactures some of the most expensive wine refrigerators available to residential customers.  Collectors who value their wines may find the large investment needed for one of these appliances worthwhile however.  The Sub zero wine refrigerator collection range in size from narrow 15-inch models to a significantly larger 30-inch wide unit. These particular products are very attractive and make a great addition to any formal entertaining area.

Under counter Refrigeration Models

Other options in the Sub-zero model line are there under counter refrigerators.  These small fridges are easily installed under a cabinet counter top to add discrete chilled storage. An undercounter refrigerator from sub-zero can be had in sizes ranging from 15 to 27 inches in width.  While expensive, these units have lot of appeal to homeowners looking to maximize the usable space in their kitchen.  They provide additional storage without compromising counter space.

Sub Zero Pro 48 Models

Considered by many the best of the best, a Subzero Pro 48 refrigerator is a remarkable sight.  Packed with features and simply stunning in its appearance and style, this particular model – once installed – takes pride of place in any kitchen.  This particular model, however, is amongst the most expensive available.  Its recommended purchase price is higher than some people pay for a new car.

Built-In Sub Zero Models

Subzero also manufactures a wide range of built in refrigerators, ideal for those seeking a seamless kitchen without irregular lines.  These units are available as combination fridge freezer, stand-alone refrigerator and standalone freezer units. This ensures that models are available to suit the needs of any buyer.

These units are rather large inside, ranging in width from 36 inches all the way up to 48 inches.  Like all appliances from this manufacturer, they offer a wonderful combination of style and functionality valued by many.

Integrated Sub Zero Models

Similar in design to the built in models, these refrigerators from Sub-Zero are available as tall column units. These can be easily tucked into small areas where they can blend seamlessly with the existing woodwork for a fully integrated look.  Again, these units come in fridge, freezer and combined fridge-freezer models.

For buyers with a large budget, Sub-zero offers some very appealing refrigeration options.  Regardless of the chilling needs of your family – whether it is a large fridge for the kitchen, or a humidity-controlled wine cooler – Sub-zero offers an extensive range of high quality appliances suitable for your application.