Every Woman Should Own a Red Handbag

Most people need a little something to lug around their stuff in, whether it’s backpack purses, a suitcase or a hollowed-out raccoon carcass…whatever makes your skirt fly up. And these bags come in a very ample variety of tints to suit all sorts of color-driven wishes, including metallic shades. An exceptionally admired color for the ladies as far as any fashion accessory or outfit is red – particularly bright red. This is because red is a very intense, passionate, and loud color; it conjures up several feelings like desire, love, and confidence; not to mention it’s an attention-grabbing shade. Red is about the closest you can get to running around naked in public while being fully clothed in terms of what will make people turn their heads. So if you’re carting around a red bag  of some kind, odds are people will notice you just because their eyes are drawn to that color. Unless they’re color blind, of course. The only things that might be more noticeable than red handbags are zebra handbags.

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There isn’t really one universal pocketbook design, though…thanks to the efforts of talented designers, we have an array of styles available for the bags you sling over your shoulders. Believe it or not, there is a difference between each style. A clutch bag, for example, is typically more narrow and more stiff than a regular purse…they’re the ones that click open and closed, but due to their small size, that means they are lighter. So unless you can find a way to cram a brick into one, these styles of handbags will not dislocate your back. Also keep in mind that red can boost confidence…so if you’re going someplace where you think you’ll be uneasy, bring along your lightweight red clutch bag to lift your poise a bit.

A handbag is much larger than the clutch bag, and it usually resembles a small duffel bag. This means more room to cram every single thing you own into it. These things are like bottomless pits – if you’ve ever owned one of the larger ladies’ handbags, you’ll know just how impossible it is to ever find something. Since these bad boys have such a massive carrying capacity, you probably won’t want one made out of super-light plastic or recycled toilet paper. Get a real leather shoulder bag if you intend to carry the contents of your entire house inside it. Of course, quite a few manufacturers offer said bags in a gamut of colors…so if you want a bag that’s both eye-catching and sturdy, check out a red leather handbag from Prada, Chloe Bay, or Balenciaga.

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Then there is the matter of having entirely matching apparel, which many women like to have. Sometimes, you just need a red handbag to go with that red cocktail dress and matching red high heels. If you go into that quiet bus station, you’re going to want someone to notice you walk in, right? Make them take their eyes off the festive old man in the yellow sundress and stare at you in the blazing red garb. But do keep in mind that red being the color of lust might magnetize attention you don’t want; consider that red clothes plus red shoes plus a red purse is RED cubed. This might scream “raging sex appeal” to some, so make sure that the bag you buy says what you want it to say.

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