Don’t Miss Out on Red Rugs

Some folks fear using red in their homes and would certainly hesitate to use red rugs because the color is so bright and attention getting. But it is a shame to miss out on a color that can add so much energy and warmth to a room, provided that it is used in the right way. Here are a few guidelines to help you get over your fear of using red rugs.

A few home decor style tips

1. Use the Right Red

Some reds are not as dramatic as others and you may prefer to use a more subtle red such as wine, cherry or rust rather than a bright, “in your face” London bus red. Of course, it all depends on your color scheme and which red goes best so you need to consider the other items in the room before making your choice. The attention you rug gets also depends on size; using large rugs in small rooms can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on the effect you a looking for.

2. Spread the Drama Around

A bright red rug will make a lot of impact but red works best if it is spread around a little to prevent any one item getting too much attention. Use red in a few cushions and perhaps a vase or plant holder as well as in your rug so that no one area has too much impact.Home Dynamix Monaco Traditional Area Rug Red, 100% Wool

3. Use a Pattern

There is no need to use plain red if you feel that it is too overwhelming. Just include red along with other colors in a patterned rug. With traditional Persian rugs, for example, (which often have a red background) you will find many other colors which makes the red a lot more subtle. Even with contemporary area rugs, you will find designs with more than one color to suit any color scheme and these tone down the overall use of red.

4. Focus on Quality

If you choose good quality rugs with a great design then there is no need to fear that they will draw unwarranted attention. If you have a lovely red rug and you have done what you can to balance out the color red in your room you will be able to look at your rug and room and be proud of them. And by the time you get to that stage you will realize that there is nothing to fear at all in using red.