Are Affordable Blood Red Ruby Rings Available Online?

When people talk about pigeon blood ruby rings they are generally meaning ruby gems which have a color so deep that it is almost purple. These are the world’s finest rubies which are mined in Burma and are very costly. Unusually for this gem, real blood rubies will not have been treated to improve their color because there is no need to do so.

If you want to get one for yourself then you are going to have to be willing to spend in excess of $2000 just for a small gem on its own. You might be wondering if the blood red rubies which come from Africa are of the same quality, but the reality is that stones from that continent will have been heat treated to give them the rich colors.
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If you find a ruby ring on the Internet for under $300 then you can be sure that it is created with one of the treated gems, rather than the all natural version. So you can buy affordable ruby rings online but you just have to be aware that they are not blood red in the true meaning of the word. If you are happy to get something that might be slightly inferior but beautiful all the same then there is no reason why you shouldn’t save yourself some money and buy from the online retailers.

What’s the best way to get a ring that looks blood red but is a fraction of the price? The first way is to opt for imitation rubies which are created by man in a laboratory, and cost very little. You can pick one of these up for a couple of hundred dollars, and that’s if you want to splash out on one which is set in a gold band. The other option if you don’t want to spend thousands is to go for the gem which has been treated to give the illusion that its worth that much. These cost about the same as the lab created rings but don’t have the same sort of clarity. These gems are available in all sorts of different shapes and styles, including heart jewelry for those who love a romantic cut. Whichever you choose, just because you aren’t spending several thousand dollars doesn’t mean you can get something that will stun your friends.