Thoughts on Finding Your Perfect Wedding Dress

Finding the perfect wedding dress can be a daunting task for any bride.  Where do I go?  Can I find the right dress that will flatter my body type?  What’s it going to cost?  How can I find a simple wedding dress? Every bride has questions.  By reading this article, those questions could be answered.

Many brides are sentimental and want their bridal gown preserved as a keepsake just for themselves or to pass on to a loved one.  If the bride is only interested in a dress for a day, then a rental may be just the ticket.  While rental stores are rather scarce, a bride should be on the look out if she doesn’t mind sharing the dress with other brides.

How about a sample sale?  Unfortunately, some brides may order a beautiful wedding gown, then discover it isn’t the “one.”  These gowns are discounted heavily and a bride may find a gorgeous gown at a great price.  There is always the possibility the gown is not a perfect fit, but it could be well worth the price of altering.  Sample dresses that are shopworn from being tried on frequently are also great buys if the bride is will to look past some imperfections.

If a bride is a skilled seamstress, then making her own dress is an idea.  A good seamstress can tailor the perfect dress and add her own special touches to her bridal gown.  However,  a busy bride may find that undertaking a major sewing project for something so important is too much to handle.

A bride might find that an expert seamstress or tailor is the perfect fit for her.  It’s a good idea to get recommendations and even pictures.  This is probably the most important dress a girl will ever wear.  No one wants to wear a dress that looks homemade or thrown together.  Be specific.  The seamstress should have an excellent understanding of the wants and wishes of the bride-to-be.

Hotels and bridal salons and shops often hold trunk shows, allowing brides to view a designer’s dress.  Live models wearing the wedding gowns give brides an ever better idea of how the dress will look and its special touches.  Another advantage is that the bride may receive a personal fitting from the designer.

There is nothing more touching than wearing the mother or grandmother’s bridal gown.  The bride can give it her own personal touch by adding jewelry or accessories to the gown.  If the dress has yellowed or is moth-eaten, the bride could take remnants of the dress and incorporate those into her own bridal gown.

A couple of the drawbacks of going this route are special undergarments may be required for a vintage dress and alterations are tricky at best and at worst impossible depending on the type of fabric and it’s fragility.

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