Single Mattress Bedding for College and Small Apartments

The sizes of beds and bedding range from twin, full, queen, king to California King. Twin and single bedding is often interchangeable and are basically referring to the same size.

A single mattress is perfect for teens, children, college students and single adults living in one bedroom apartments.  A single bed mattress is big enough for one person, but small enough to give you maximum room space to move around in.  The common misconception about twin beds is that you cannot find mattresses in twin bed size.  This is not true.  You can find any mattress from box springs to memory phone in twin/single bed size.Simmons Beautyrest Cotton Blend Waterproof with Laminate Mattress Pad

Single and twin bedding can be found just about anywhere, even in Wal-mart and target. But, it would help to do a little bargain hunting online for price checks before heading out, just to be your you are getting the finest quality bedding at a good price.  This tip works especially well, if there are more than one bedroom in your house that you need bedding for, or if you are a college student on a budget.  Twin bedding is also great for children and teens.  Let them be creative and pick their own themes and it will make decorating more fun for them and give them a sense of pride of their space.

If you’re in college looking for bedding for your twin beds, make sure you pick up a extra set or two and extra long twin bed sheets, because the standard sheets will be too short for the bed. You’d want to stay away from white because there will be times when you’ll be eating in bed, and having parties in your dorm. The last thing you want is to have to run down to the wash room at 3 in the morning before the exam!

Divan bedding, despite what people may think, comes in twin mattress sizing as well.  Divan beds come standard without a headboard. But, there are so many options to customize these beds that buying this style of bedding is almost found solely online.  You can order them with headboards and drawers underneath the beds.  A single divan bed is perfect for a college dorm or for a  single person living in a one bedroom apartment.

You can buy any type of mattress and bedding available for twin beds.  It would help to check prices online of most retail stores to compare to make sure you’re getting the best quality for the cheapest price.