Stained Glass Panels

When you hear the phrase “stained class panels”, you probably automatically assume it’s synonymous with stained glass windows and churches, yes? Don’t get me wrong – they’re basically the same thing, except church windows are a lot bigger than the kinds of stained glass needed for any sort of interior design; this, however, doesn’t apply if you live in a very large house, or you just happen to have a storm cellar with a very decorative glass panel on the door.

So, what exactly can you do with a panel of beautiful stained glass in your home? Unlike most kinds of décor, stained glass can only be situated in so many places. Most people do not actually use these glass panes for windows for a couple reasons; first, it would look somewhat stupid to have one window on the whole house sporting a sheet of stained glass art; and second, it would cost a very considerable amount of money to have all the window frames in the house First Stained Glass Window Film 24-by-36-Inchesfilled with stained glass art. If you want your home to give the outward impression of a church, and you can meet the expense of such decorative glass work, by all means, have it installed. If you allege that your house is a temple or other place of worship, you can b e exempt from paying taxes too; so make your house look like a church and tax collectors will find your assertion a bit more convincing.

But the most representative choice for placement of a stained glass window in a standard residential home is on a door – the front door being the most common preference. Heck, windows aren’t even the only option as far as stained glass patterns; you could simply get a lamp or ceiling light of some kind with a chunky stained glass shade on it. Tiffany lamps are a perfect example of this sort of lighting décor that conveniently fit right in your living room, bedroom, office, bull pen or wherever. However, since it’s such a distinguished brand, expect to pay about as much (if not more) for a Tiffany lamp as you would a stained glass door panel; at this point, it’s a total matter of partiality.The Stained Glass Garden: Projects & Patterns

If you’re shopping for a good deal, the best place to start looking for new and reasonably priced art glass designs is Stained Glass And More ( An 18×24 inch glass panel from this place is between $130 and about $160…that’s not too bad considering Tiffany lamps can cost upwards of $400. If you happen to be a sugar fiend, have a giant stained glass panel constructed out of sugar glass delivered to your door. I guarantee it would be the single prettiest piece of junk food you ever have eaten or will eat.