Steps to a Great Wedding Video

It is important to hire someone who will document the entire wedding ceremony since your wedding day is something to be cherished for the rest of your life. As years pass, you can relive each moment by watching your wedding video together. Some couples may consider assigning family members or friends who have camcorders to record the entire event. This may sound tempting since you will be able to save a significant amount of money. However, you should put in mind that to capture every single detail of the event while at the same time adding a touch of creativity and uniqueness requires expertise. This is best achieved by having years of experience.

Choosing your videographer begins by making a list of people who have potential skills and capabilities for performing the job. You should consult first the people around you who may have an experience with a videographer, such as your family and friends. You can also check out magazines, websites, newspapers and yellow pages from the directory, for some advertisements of videographers or video productions. After completing the list, you can move forward with calling these people and making appointments. Remember that the videographer must be willing to listen to all the ideas you have in mind and help you achieve the goals you have made.

You may prefer meeting videographers at their work place. This will allow you to observe how they perform their work, as well as how organized and creative his style is. You should ask for his previous works. Observe every important detail you think is significant, such as the styles he constantly use, how up-to-date his equipment is, the availability of lighting and audio equipments, editing styles, personal taste, etc. If he has shown you videos which made you lose your interest, you should consider heading on to the next person in your list. A videographer must be capable of producing a high quality video.

Having two or more wedding videographers for the wedding event can sometimes end up with better results. This will allow getting better pictures and scenes from different angles, all at the same time. Once you have already chosen the right videographer for your wedding, you will then want to share your plans and ideas for the wedding video. His cooperation is very important in helping you attain all your goals and plans for the entire wedding event.

Explain and discuss with the videographer the structure of activities set for that day. Instruct him to be on the venue hours or even a day before the wedding so that he will be able to plan where the camera should be set and things like that. On the wedding day, spend some time introducing the videographer to the important wedding guests including both families of the couple. This will allow him to have an idea of who will he be given more focus in videotaping.

If you desire to have the raw footage edited and be customized, inform the videographer ahead of time. You can share with him the designs and styles you prefer, in addition to the photos, video clips, and songs to be included. Having the wedding DVD the way you have always wanted it to be will make the event more memorable.