The Advantages Of Elna Sewing Machines

Whether it is an experienced professional or a beginner just starting to learn the stitching for their first pattern, they would be served better by the Elna’s sewing machines. Since 1940 Elna, a Swiss company has been making these sewing machines. From the Sew Fun for the beginner to the 9600 for the professional designers there are more than fifteen models in the market. With such a variety everyone is guaranteed that he or she will find an Elna sewing machine for their particular requirements.

Sew fun is a nice little machine that comes with fifteen types of the stitches beside in four steps it can do the buttonholes. The 2600 Pink is a more sophisticated piece among the available machine. It has an automatic needle threader. In the Elna 3230 the user can view different settings with an LCD screen while doing buttonholes is one step process.

More variety and customization is available from the higher-level machines. Almost 200 stitches can be adjusted with the Elna sewing machine 6600 which provides extra settings that are very helpful for the quilter: a French knot, a stippling stitch and four varieties of the applique. User settings can be customized using the machine’s computer so that the owner is able to store and maintain a personal profile that can be adjusted according to the sewing types that is used more often. The 7100 unit’s per minute rate for the stitches provide the maximum 1600 spm, which is more fast than any other machine in this category. Almost 307 stitches are possible with the higher end model 9500. The Haute Couture is top of the line automatic machine. It has movable LCD memory card storage and USB port. It can also provide different embroidery designs and quilting features.

Whatever be the level of expertise, an Elna sewing machine is a perfect choice. It is sturdy and easy to use.

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