The Amateur Goes for Professional Watch Repair

You have come to the end of your wits. Your watch-repairing kit lies open at your workbench; its contents scattered about. You concentrate hard as the tiny dial hangs precariously from the ends of your tweezers. Your fingers are shaking. The dial is visible through your magnifier, ten times bigger than normal. You bring it close, as close as you dare. It hangs there for a second and then – CLING! It drops and rolls off. You are ready to tear your hair out. This was your fifty-eighth try and you failed again. No matter how advanced one’s repairing skills may be there comes a time in everyone’s life where they have to pack up their watch-repairing kit and pay a visit to the friendly neighborhood Professional Watch Repair man.

Professional Watch Repairing is not as expensive as it may sound. In fact, depending on the job, it can be quite cheap. A simple battery replacement won’t even singe your pocket, let alone burn a hole in it. It is also important to note that not only do professionals have more experience in the field than you do they also have a lot many more tools at their disposal than you might have at yours. Remember, for you watch-repairing may be a hobby, but for them it is their bread and butter. So, it figures that they would be able to handle complex jobs that would be out of your league. Don’t be ashamed of visiting a professional watch-repair shop just because you fancy yourself to be a watch-maker too. There is no embarrassment in admitting ignorance. On the contrary, you will learn quite a bit by talking to a professional. Discuss the problem with them, try and understand where you might have gone wrong and you will emerge a better watch-maker. Learn from the experience and then go home and open that watch-repairing kit again, swing your magnifier in action and grab those tweezers once more. It is practice that makes a man perfect!