The Evolution Of Go Carts

Go carts have changed a lot since their invention in 1956. The first go cart was made by Art Ingels when he placed a motorcycle engine on a metal low profile frame. Now there are many different styles of go carts. There are open wheeled carts that have a steel roll bar frame to protect the driver. There are closed carts where you sit inside a body like a car.

The open go cart has a steel frame where the engine sets. There is a centrifugal clutch that engages when a certain revolution per minute has been reached. They have four tires and rims that have nothing over them. Some of these open carts have a roll bar for safety purposes. They have a single seat and a simple steering mechanism.

Caged go carts are used in off road events and races. These carts have a steel cage over the drivers seating area to protect the driver from injuries if the go cart rolls over. Most of the other features are the same as the open cart.

There are enclosed go carts where you are seated in a drivers area much like a car. Go carts like this are suitable for the young novice driver starting out. These go carts are built for low speeds and safety. Go carts are one of the first powered vehicles children drive. They are relatively safe and teach the young driver the basics of driving. They are a means of entertainment you can enjoy with your child. You see many parents on the go cart track racing their children to the finish line.

There are many different horsepowered engines on go carts. There are some for experienced adult drivers that will travel at a rate of 85 miles per hour. That is fast for a machine that weighs around 200 lbs or less.

Video games have aided the popularity of go carts and racing. Super Mario Kart is probably the most famous game depicting the go cart. In this game you pick a character from the Mario and Luigi list and race around a track. There are many leagues you can join that race go carts. You acquire points for placing in these races. There is a points championship like Nascar in these leagues. Go carting is a popular activity for all ages. Grandparents can also enjoy this competitive racing with their grand children.