Versatile Votive Candles

A utilitarian candle that serves many different purposes is the votive candle.  Used in churches to symbolize prayers made for people to party favors and table decorations for weddings and anniversaries the votive candle comes in handy for almost any celebration.

Some people enjoy having a scented candle to brighten up their homes and votive candles lend themselves to this very well.  Scented candles are made by adding fragrance to the wax as the candles are poured into molds and a variety of scents can be purchased for making candles.  Fruit flavors, spices and even baby-powder scented candles are available and if you search long enough there are probably even more to be found.Anchor Hocking 4-1/2-Ounce Hurricane Votive Candle Holder, Pack of 12

Votive candles should always be burned in a tight fitting holder.  A good tight fit means no room between the candle and the sides of the cup.  The candles liquefy as the burn and will burn entirely away if burned in a high-quality tight fitting cup.  Some companies claim that their scented votive candles will burn for as long as 14 hours on average and provide a pleasant aroma the entire time. A wick that is trimmed as the candle burns can increase the burn time by 25%. That would definitely be getting your money’s worth.

Prices on votive candles range from very cheap candles at less than 35 cents a piece.  However the quality is not as good as the more expensive candles and the burn times are shorter.  Getting what you pay for is true of votive candles too.  Your best plan is to buy higher quality candles that burn cleaner and smoke free in large quantities to get the best price.  Lots of 72 or 144 are common and with the size of votive candles being so small they are easy to store.  Many retailers allow you to mix and match fragrances and scents and even colors to make up your case lot.

Votive candles will help make any social affair an entertaining success.