Vicodin Addiction and How To Quit Safely

Vicodin addiction is one of the hardest prescription drug addictions to overcome. Vicodin is a narcotic pain killer that is usually prescribed by a doctor for a patient who had severe injuries that cause them overwhelming pain. Even after the pain subsides many people still use vicodin because of its euphoric feeling. A lot of vicodin users are in denial of their addiction and will always have the excuse that they are in pain even if they are not. Vicodin users often become dependent on the drug and cannot fully function without it.  Watch out for the common signs of Hydrocodone addiction if you suspect your friends or loved ones of abusing opiates.

Vicodin Addiction and How To Quit Safely 1Vicodin has several side effects. Some of the common side effects are: drowsiness, nausea, constipation and vomiting. There are also more serious side effects of using vicodin. These include: slow or irregular breathing, slow heart rate, hypertension (low blood pressure), difficulty passing urine and long term liver damage. It is very simple to get addicted to vicodin and many addicts feel there is no wrong in using the drug because it was prescribed by a doctor and not bought illegally.  Other opiates such as heroin are only available on the street, so they feel justified in that their medicine is basically legal.

If you have an addiction to vicodin you should seek drug abuse treatment. Many addicts do want to quit but do not know where to start and psychologically feel they must have the drug to live. It is suggested you enter a rehabilitation center or treatment center to get the proper medical supervision. It is not suggested that you ever quit cold turkey as withdrawal can be quite violent and at times deadly. In the treatment center you will undergo detoxification, counseling and will learn ways to cope with your addiction. You will most likely experience paranoia, dry mouth, increased heart rate and dysphoria during the detoxification process. Normally withdrawal will last about a week or two. Withdrawal and detox are never easy but with successful treatment you will be back on a healthy road.