Decorating with Wall Sconces

Sconce lights have been a popular staple in households since the 17th century and when we think of sconces we probably immediately think of the candles that line the walls in castles from horror movies or old 1940s movies. But in all seriousness, candle and basic wall sconces are an elegant way to spruce up your home and add a certain allure to any room in your house.

When most of us think of candle sconces we think of the old boring plate stuck to a wall with the candle sticking out of it.  That’s not necessarily the case any more. Decorative plates are attached to a wall and often a candle holder is attached to that.Kenroy Home 90901BRZ Twigs Wall Sconce, Bronze Wall sconce lighting is a great way to add an air of ambiance to a room and free up floor space. An outdoor sconce or two is a great way way to light up your backyard for those night time gatherings.   You can find the flesh plate and even candle holders in a variety of materials, including: metals, woods, clays and glass.  Brass wall sconces can give our home a classier feel. An electric brass candle sconce can be found in a variety of styles and models as well as more modern and contemporary styles like black wood and candle sconces.

Candle scones and a wall sconce candle holder can be a very rustic and elegant look at the same time.  The candles themselves provide an almost flickering glow and add to any romantic atmosphere.  You can also choose to light your candle sconces in case you do not want to worry about the mess of cleaning up the candle wax.  It can 1 Pair 2 Wrought Iron Wall Candle Holders Sconcealso be a fire hazard if you are not too careful with watching your candles. To clean your candle wax, sit has been proven that you can sprinkle a little bit of rice on the base of the candle so the rice catches the wax.

The internet is going to be an invaluable resource in helping you compare prices, stores and different styles of wall sconce lighting for your home or business. Many retailers are going solely online with their catalogues and places like would be a great place to start.   You can find them in most home improvement stores like Lowes and Home Depot, but checking the internet will not only give you an edge on price comparisons, your search may give you design ideas as well.