Ways to Eliminate Double Chins

Double chins are considered to be areas of saggy fat in the neck area that create a “secondary chin” for a person. Typically, overweight, obese, and elderly individuals have this feature more than normal people; however, normal people can develop double chins, too, especially if they have a lot of body fat. When a person has a lot of body fat, the cells on the skin get larger, which, of course, can be seen visually. Here in the United States, physical attraction, muscles, and beauty are admired more than internal characteristics, like honesty and intelligence. And so, it should be no surprise that many individuals (i.e., usually females) are opting to find ways to rid their neck areas of double chins. Secondary chins, then, are objects that are hated in many countries favoring beauty and perfect physique.

Below is a list of ways that a person can take to eliminate a double chin.

Method One: Do vigorous cardiovascular exercise often. Join a gym or buy electronic devices that can be used in a house setting (e.g., stationary bikes and treadmills); exercising will burn calories, which will eventually shrink those enlarged skin cells. Although it is impossible to make the fat cells specifically around the neck degrade through cardiovascular exercises, like running, they will eventually shrink.

Method Two: In conjunction with exercising, diet! Count your calories and know how many you can have in a given twenty-four period. Foods should come from healthy sources, like fiber, wheat, protein, vegetables, and fruits, not from fried foods, junk foods, or fast foods. Avoid sodium and artificial sugar, and drink a lot of water and green tea.

Method Three: Chew sugarless gum. It sounds crazy, but chewing actually exercises the muscles around the areas that need to be moved; and so, you can burn more calories specific to the mouth and neck regions.

Method Four: Have surgery (e.g., tumescent liposuction) performed. Health advisers usually recommend using this option when exercising and diets have failed. Realize, too, that any form of surgery can be hazardous, even fatal.