Wedding Cake Stands

Wedding cakes tend to stand out from other cakes due to their multi-layer facade, often making use of cake stands, elaborate piping, and unique cake toppers. And since weddings tend to be very special occasions, the newlyweds usually want their cake to look exceptional. And there are several ways in which beautiful designs and arrangements can be achieved.

For example, wedding cake stands allow for more than one kind of arrangement. The cakes can be stacked like a tower, or each layer of the cake can be placed on a separate stand or plate. Cupcakes are also becoming more popular in general, and many married couples choose giant cupcake holders to fill with miniature bridal cakes as opposed to traditional cakes. And you can choose your cake stand from an assortment of materials, such as acrylic (opaque or clear), brass, silver, or non-tarnishing metal. is a site whose name speaks for itself as far as intention; the site offers quite an ample range of plateaus for all your wedding pastry needs.

And what towering manifold-layer nuptial pastry would be complete without some wedding cake toppers? Whether it’s cutesy bride and groom action figures, a giant crucifix, some doves, or a pair of criss-crossed hunting rifles, these beautiful cakes are often visually deficient without that metaphorical cherry on top. No site offers a more expansive medley of cake figurines than Here, you can find not only toppers for wedding cakes, but for just about any occasion.

Wilton White Ceramic Pedestal Cake StandAppearance is very critical in terms of a wedding cake; habitually, when a cake looks good, it will make it taste that much better. Cakes can be decorated with several types of icing, such as royal, buttercream, marzipan, or fondant, which is an edible substance usually made from a marshmallow base that gives a very smooth look to a cake’s surface. And amazing things can be done with fondant, such as molding realistic flowers or making edible figurines (fondant has a clay-like consistency and can be molded into just about anything). It is imperative to choose an appropriate cake decoration theme so it will match the rest of the wedding decorations…if you’ve got tables with elegant white decorations set up, don’t get a wedding cake covered in bright green and pink polka-dot fondant.

Since you will likely be paying a professional decorator to make your cake , it should look a lot better than a store-bought birthday cake. Nonetheless, the designation of ‘professional’ is not always a guarantee of quality service, as evidenced by the handful of wedding cakes on That being said, don’t let someone you know make you a wedding cake at a markdown just because they’re your BFF unless you know for sure they’ll do a good job. Regardless of how well you know the decorator, ask to see samples of past work before hiring them…you will not regret doing so.