Wedding Cakes & Wedding Cake House

Wedding cakes have become a traditional part of nearly every wedding in nearly all worldwide cultures. Thousands of companies specialize in the creation of custom built to order wedding cakes for couples. Nearly every wedding cake is different from the next, especially because of the personalization that comes from each couple’s desires and memories. Decorations, colors and the overall shape of the cake make each one unique, though pre built cakes are offered in a wide variety from cake builders everywhere. Nearly every wedding cake starts from a basic template, and then receives a personal touch from both the cake designer and the soon to be married couple.

Wedding Cake HouseWedding Cakes You Can Make: Designing, Baking, and Decorating the Perfect Wedding Cake

A wedding cake house is not a cake, but literally a living space with architectural building features that represent or looks like a wedding cake. Several of the features are layered or appear as the frosting on a cake. The colors of these houses, and the most popular wedding cake house in Maine, are often white and shades of creamy yellows.

Wedding Cake Server

The wedding cake server is a common and extremely necessary tool for any wedding with a wedding cake. The couples use these tools to cut the first piece of cake, a common and well-known tradition. Several marrying couples choose to have their names engraved on the handles of the cake servers so that they can be kept as lifelong treasures. These are great gifts for anyone looking to buy something for their wedding.

The Wedding Cake BookWedding Cake Monograms

Wedding cake monograms are the items that sit on the very top layer of the wedding cake. Monograms are often seen as mini replicas of a couple holding hands or kissing. These models are often made of plastic or rubber which can be kept as souvenirs. Monograms often represent the marrying couple, but sometimes the feature may serve as a traditional reminder of family values or cultural backgrounds, such as a Star of David or a patriotic symbol.