Ideas For Red Wedding Centerpieces

Red is a very popular color theme at a wedding especially if it is Christmas or Valentine’s day. It can also be picked just because it is the bride’s favorite color. Either way, theming your wedding with red adds a very dramatic splash of color to the affair. Luckily finding red wedding centerpieces to match in with the theme is not difficult. Flowers are a popular centerpiece choice and there are many red flowers to choose from. Roses are the obvious contender, but cheaper alternatives such as the calla lily or tulip are also available. The great thing about red is that the contrasting colors of white, black and silver will make any display look stunning. Imagine a silver vase topped with red roses or a black and white cake stand filled with strawberry cupcakes.

Many unusual items can be dyed red to bring a sense of uniqueness to the decorations. Try dying some huge ostrich feathers red and arranging them in a black vase so that they spray out like an odd colored palm tree. It will certainly get your guests talking.

Many of the standard centerpiece choices such as candles and balloonsRUBY RED HEART BOUQUET CANDLEHOLDER WEDDING CENTERPIECE can or course be found in red or could be displayed with red silk cushions or balloon weights to offset a contrasting color. Vases, bowls and bottles can also be bought in red colors and filled with white flowers, candles or branches sprayed with silver paint.

You can look to nature to provide you with your red wedding centerpieces. In particular there are many red fruits such as apples, cranberries, strawberries and cherries. Pile these in displays mixed with flowers or use them to anchor down single flowers in glass vases to create an interesting display.

Red disposable cameras could be bought and dotted on guest tables encouraging off the cuff photos to be snapped as the reception progresses. Combine these with red material, ribbons, tea lights and red flower petals to make an inexpensive red wedding centerpiece.