Where to Start with Wedding Stationary Supplies

With the invitation often being the first indication that guests have of your wedding, you will want to make sure that it represents your big day in the right manner. With a little research and effort, you will find it possible to obtain wedding stationary supplies that suit your needs and the theme of the wedding.

Many standard stationers will stock wedding stationary, however, they may be rather ordinary by comparison to other varieties and the stock may be limited. Where this proves to be unsuitable, engage a specialist company to create and provide the stationary required.

Using a specialist company will also allow you to add any decorative touches that are connected to the theme of the wedding or any other images that hold a particular relevance to you, such as a family insignia or motto.

When thinking about the color and material to use for the stationary, consider the fact that it will often be kept as a memento by guests. Bear this in mind when making your choice as gaudy colors and/or delicate materials will mean that this is less likely. Obtain color samples to determine how well different colored lettering works on different colored backgrounds. For example, though gold on a cream backing sounds classy, the depth of color can make the difference between being able to read the words or not. Be aware that some highly stylized fonts can prove difficult to read so check the style of the actual font rather than working from the name of the font to ensure that different letters do not look similar. Proofreading of everything is essential and should be done twice by different people to ensure no mistakes result.

Where you need a significant amount of wedding stationary supplies or require it with specialist additions, it will need to be ordered. Find out how long it will take for delivery of the amount of stationary you will require.