What Material for Men’s Ring Settings

What can be sexier than a man wearing a cool ring?  Rings have been part of the male arsenal for centuries. From kings to priests to feudal lords, rings were a signifier of status. Of course, today most men wear rings only as a tribute to the institution of marriage.

If you look at the market, men’s rings are becoming more sleek and streamlined as opposed to the heavy, wide banded rings of the past. Early rings were large and broad for good reason. Being a symbol of power and wealth, the ring settings and the stone needed to be seen. As men were the main workforce of former times, the ring needed to be durable. It was an archer’s custom to wear a ring around the thumb to keep their fingers safe. With the advent of better alloys and more improved methods of metal working, the masculine ring has reached heights of slenderness and elegance not dreamt of in ancient times.

Few men wear rings with bezel or prong settings anymore. Most prefer the simple band. Bands of gold and silver are typical but there has been a growing trend towards more durable metals like tungsten. The pure steel-gray metal is usually alloyed with carbon to make the ebony or silver colored tungsten carbide so popular today in men’s jewelry. Channel and flush ring settings are popular choices with men’s tungsten rings.

For a masculine feel, you can also try titanium to accompany the brilliance of your gemstones. The strength of titanium is not new knowledge. What’s new is that jewelers are now making popular rings and ring settings out of it. The silvery sheen of titanium is perfect for enhancing any brilliant gem set into it. An emerald or a sapphire maybe in an invisible titanium setting gives an impression of trendiness and toughness at the same time.

Not satisfied with gold or silver? Try platinum or palladium. The sharp look and distinct feel of these metals impart a new dimension to the masculine look. Platinum is the quintessential alternate to gold or white gold. It’s just as costly, but more adaptable and hard-wearing. Platinum and palladium metals are also versatile. How about amber in a black palladium channel setting? A look that’s sensitive and with a hint of the dangerous, don’t you think? What more could a woman want?

When thinking about buying a ring, many people think first of the stone. Giving importance to the bands and settings is crucial as well, if you want the perfect ring to suit your tastes.